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Crotalus horridus

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Timber Rattlesnake
July 26, 1999- Carter Co. MO

It is always exciting to find Timber Rattlesnakes.  I would have loved to see a den back in the days when you could see ridiculous numbers of them just sitting, soaking up the sun.  Even today, there are dens where I have seen eight individuals at a time, but this pales in comparison to how many there were at one time.  It is unfortunate that rattlesnakes have come under such scrutiny from the public.  A lot of people view them as a symbol of evil, and go out of their way to try to rid the world of these "horrible creatures."  The reason that rattlesnakes are hated is because they are feared.  I hope that I can somehow teach people not to fear, but to respect these animals, and not just the rattlers, but snakes in general. 

I've found this species in the following counties:
Union Co. IL
Jackson Co. IL
Alexander Co. IL
Carter Co. MO
Wayne Co. MO

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