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The temperatures have been fairly cool the last few days, and since it rained in the morning hours I decided to take a short trip to Pine Hills to see if there were any earlybird snakes crossing the imfamous "snake road." The road closes in the fall from September 1st to November 1st for the migration, so I thought I would walk a short portion of the road for a while. When I arrived I saw the gate open, and I thought I had lucked out because I could cover more ground then I thought I'd be able to. I drove to the first swampy area and got out to walk the edge, when I started seeing Green Tree Frogs everywhere. I saw five on the same plant at one point, and maybe 30 overall. I started to take some pictures when I heard some vehicle tires popping on the gravel road. I soon saw a familiar green forest service truck. The ranger told me I needed to leave because the road was being closed. My day was cut short, but I had the privelege of being the last person of the season to drive snake road. No snakes were seen. Here are a few frogs that I was able to shoot before leaving.

Green Tree Frog (Hyla cinerea)

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