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At a spring, a little way down the road, I found this Cave Salamander, which unfortunately was missing a portion of its tail.

Adam with his frogs

Color Phase 2

Adam and I started flipping logs in a swampier area in hopes of finding some salamanders. Under one log, I found these two Longtail Salamanders, which we were able to pose together for a photo. These guys like to run, and they are very slippery.

Light was quickly dimming through the trees, so we decided to high tail it since we didn’t have flashlights to look where we were walking. Keith and Tim were to meet us at the south end, however, a tree was blocking the road about a mile past the gate. We walked the extra mile in twilight, and got to listen to choruses of Spring Peepers as we walked.

We also heard a strange whaling noise emanating from the swamp, a noise Adam and I could not identify. Could this be the fabled “Big Muddy Monster,” a yeti like creature of local lore?

We eventually met my Dad and Tim at a bridge, and from there we got a motel room in Anna. This place was crummy. I don’t think cockroaches were all we had to worry about, but hey, it is the shady places like this that make these trips more exciting, right?

Cave Salamander

At a pool near the main swamp Adam started grabbing Cricket Frogs left and right, literally. He grabbed two frogs at the same time, one in each hand! It turned out that each hand concealed two different color phases, and I was able to photograph three of the many colors of Cricket Frogs.

Color Phase 1

Color Phase 3

Longtail Salamander

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