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Pseudacris crucifer crucifer

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Northern Spring Peeper
April 16, 2005- Madison County, Missouri

It's hard to believe that I hadn't found a Spring Peeper before this.  I had heard them calling many times before, but never actually gotten a hold of one or taken photos, so I didn't count it... until now.
We were at a cheap motel, and it was after a long day of hiking.  I noticed a chirping noise coming from behind the motel, the call of crucifer.  I decided to finally take the time to find one of these tiny hylids, in of all places, a septic pond!  With the help of a friend, Adam Nadler, we located a few of these frogs, and I finally took pictures of  a frog that had eluded me for too long.  Oh yeah, I washed my hands several times after the photo session!


I've found this species in:
Madison County, Missouri

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