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A Little About Me

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Thank you for visiting my website.  This site is primarily meant to display my life list, and the photographs that I take while I am out and about.  As you know, I'm Scott, and I'm 19 years old.  I reside just outside Chicago, IL.  I am currently a student, and I have a part time job at a bowling pro shop. 
My interest in herpetology started when my dad used to take me with him when he went road cruising on our vacations, usually in southern Missouri.  I eventually started doing all the work moving snakes off the road instead of him.  The purpose of looking for snakes back then was simply to see them, and I didn't take photos or even notes then, and now I really wish that I had.  My dad has taught me a lot about herpetology, and taken me to some spectacular spots, and I owe him a lot for that.
I recently purchased a Nikon Coolpix 8700, and thats what I use now in the field.  Nothing special, but I think it takes good pictures.  Some of my older photos are scanned and are from prints, so the quality isn't that great.

I have to thank Mike Cravens and Mike Pingleton for having such great websites.  Their sites are what inspired me to make this one.

That's me with a Yellowbelly Watersnake

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